Are There Laser Treatments Available for Rosacea?

San Jose Rosacea Laser TreatmentRosacea can be one of the toughest skin conditions to beat. It’s also a condition that causes many patients to feel self-conscious, as it’s difficult to cover up, and flare ups seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. Dr. Sutkin – voted one of the top physicians by the Consumer Research Council of America – entered the field of skin care and cosmetic surgery because of his desire to help patients feel better about their appearance and be the best possible version of themselves.

Every year, many Bay Area residents see Dr. Sutkin for their rosacea, hoping that rosacea laser treatment can cure them of this skin condition for good – or at least for a long time. As a highly-skilled physician who serves as the Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Sutkin often finds himself telling his patients that they shouldn’t  turn to rosacea laser treatment for their skin conditions. He then proceeds to inform them that lasers aren’t the most effective modality to eliminate this problematic skin condition. Instead of recommending rosacea laser treatment, Dr. Sutkin uses the cutting-edge BBL – which stands for Broadband Light – which is a light-based therapy.

What is BBL?

Before we explain what BBL is, we should be clear on what BBL isn’t. BBL is not a rosacea laser treatment. Instead, BBL is a light-based therapy that uses pulsed, therapeutic light to target unwanted pigmentation marks on the skin, depending on the filter used. In the world of aesthetic technology, BBL is a first-class solution, which is why Dr. Sutkin, who only uses the best of the best technologies on the market, has selected BBL for treating rosacea instead of rosacea laser treatment.

What Can Rosacea Patients Expect During a BBL Treatment Session?

We know that many Bay Area patients who are coming in for BBL treatment for rosacea are curious to know what the procedure will be like. During his initial consultation and skin analysis with his patients, Dr. Sutkin thoroughly explains the entire process of how the BBL laser works. While individual experiences do vary, BBL laser patients can typically expect:

  • The application of a cool gel on your treatment area prior to your BBL light-based therapy;
  • The entire procedure to be performed with a handheld device, expertly operated by Dr. Sutkin himself;
  • Quick treatment sessions, which in some cases can be as fast as 15 to 20 minutes;
  • No downtime, as most BBL light therapy patients are able to resume their normal activities the same day as their session;
  • Mild redness at the treatment site, which usually resolves in a few days; and
  • Multiple sessions in order to achieve optimal results, with your exact treatment plan uniquely crafted by Dr. Sutkin based on your specific case of rosacea.

In addition to eliminating the redness of rosacea, Dr. Sutkin recommends his patients come in for regular skin maintenance and rejuvenation every 3 – 4 months with BBL treatment to keep their skin healthy.

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