Can Lasers Help My Rosacea?

San Jose Rosacea Laser TreatmentRosacea can be a frustrating and embarrassing facial skin condition for residents, with unwanted, red pigmentation marks masking their face. Because of this, many Bay Area residents with rosacea seek out the best possible treatment to eliminate their rosacea flare ups and wonder if rosacea laser treatment is right for them.

While other plastic surgeons may recommend rosacea laser treatment, Dr. Sutkin – one of the best aesthetic surgeons in the Bay Area – takes a different, cutting-edge approach to treating this condition. Voted one of the top physicians in the country by the Consumer Research Council of America, and serving as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Sutkin uses a new light-based therapy called BBL (or Broadband Light) instead of rosacea laser treatment.

Why Does Dr. Sutkin Use BBL Instead of Rosacea Laser Treatment?

The reason that Dr. Sutkin uses BBL on his patients is simple; it’s the latest, most advanced technology on the market for treating unwanted pigmentation marks – the telltale sign of a case of rosacea. BBL works by penetrating deep into the skin and, depending on the filter chosen, targeting either red, rosacea skin marks, or brown pigmentation marks. As a nationwide leading physician, Dr. Sutkin only offers his Bay Area patients only the best of the best; in the case of rosacea treatment, that technology is BBL.

How Many Treatments with BBL Will You Need to Clear Up Your Rosacea?

Men and women with some of the most difficult cases of rosacea, pigmentation marks, and signs of aging seek out Dr. Sutkin’s help. This is because of his reputation as being a top Bay Area physician – able to “work magic” in some cases that other surgeons and dermatologists were unable to resolve. During your initial consultation with Dr. Sutkin, he will inform you that one session of BBL is not enough to clear up a case of rosacea. Many of his patients have 3 to 5 BBL treatments, spread about 3 weeks apart, with regular maintenance every 3 – 4 months. Some patients, however, may need more BBL treatments. It all depends on your unique situation, and you can be assured that Dr. Sutkin will take the time to develop a customized treatment plan specifically for you.

Is There Ever a Time When Lasers Are Appropriate for Treating Rosacea?

While BBL is Dr. Sutkin’s go-to solution for treating the undesired, red pigmentation marks of rosacea, there are times he turns to rosacea laser treatment for his patients. However, Dr. Sutkin doesn’t rely on lasers to treat the red pigmentation marks, but rather the skin texture issues and acne scars that many rosacea sufferers carry. In this case, he may choose the Halo laser, another leading technology for rejuvenating the skin and stimulating collagen production.  Micro-needling is also a technique he uses on skin types with darker pigmentation.

How Can I Learn More About BBL Treatment for Rosacea or Other Skin Conditions?

If you’re suffering from rosacea, other pigmentation marks, sun damage, signs of aging, other unwanted skin conditions, or you simply want the recommended preventative BBL treatment to keep your skin looking its best, then we highly recommend a visit with Dr. Sutkin. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sutkin will evaluate your skin, listen to your concerns about problem areas or perhaps conditions that run in your family that you’d like to prevent, and come up with a customized treatment plan for you.

Call our office to schedule an appointment for your skin analysis with Dr. Sutkin at (408) 636-7101.

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