How Much Will Laser Treatment Help My Acne?

Sunnyvale Laser Acne Scar RemovalIf you’ve suffered from acne, or if you now have telltale acne scars, you’re probably looking for a solution to rid yourself of these embarrassing pimples and scars. You may have heard of laser treatment for acne and laser acne scar removal, in which a skilled physician such as Dr. Sutkin applies a cutting-edge laser technology to your treatment area to eliminate acne and stimulate collagen production so that your textured, pitted acne scars “fill in.” If you’re a patient with acne and/or acne scars, one of your first questions might be, “To what extent will laser acne scar removal help my acne?”

Laser Acne Scar Removal is Highly Effective, But Remember That Individual Results Will Vary.

In his practice, Dr. Sutkin at Health and Beauty Physicians exclusively uses the Halo laser for acne treatment and laser acne scar removal. This exciting new modality is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser and can be highly successful in treating acne and acne scars for Bay Area residents. The Halo laser is customizable, and Dr. Sutkin can use the laser to penetrate your skin to the exact depth needed for rejuvenation and to stimulate collagen production for acne scar healing.

For most patients, multiple treatment sessions with the Halo laser are required to receive optimal results from laser acne treatment and laser acne scar removal. After that, Dr. Sutkin recommends regular maintenance treatments with the Halo laser, which provides the added benefits of stimulating skin rejuvenation to give you a healthy glow, preventing or removing sun damage, and preventing or removing signs of aging. The exact number of treatments that you’ll need will depend upon your unique case of acne and acne scarring. When you come in for an initial consultation with Dr. Sutkin at Health and Beauty Physicians, he will perform a full skin evaluation and analysis of your problem areas. He will also listen to your concerns and offer you his professional opinion about what realistic results you can expect from your laser acne scar removal treatment with the Halo laser.

What Can You Expect When You Come to Our Offices for Laser Acne Scar Removal?

If you’re considering Dr. Sutkin’s recommendation for using the Halo laser to remove your acne or acne scars, you’re probably wondering what the entire process is going to be like from start to finish.This is not unusual because, for many of Dr. Sutkin’s Bay Area residents, their treatment with the Halo laser is their first cosmetic or medical procedure.

The first thing you’ll experience when you come in for your Halo laser treatment is that a topical anesthetic will be applied to your treatment area to make you more comfortable during your session. While many of Dr. Sutkin’s patients report that treatment with the Halo laser is pain-free, this is an added step that Dr. Sutkin takes to ensure his Bay Area acne scar removal patients are as comfortable as possible. You’ll also be given protective eyewear to wear throughout your session. The entire process is relatively quick. You’ll need to follow careful skin care instructions for the first 24 hours; then you’ll be able to return to your normal activities.

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If you’re wondering if the Halo laser can work wonders on your acne scars, the best thing to do is come to Health and Beauty Physicians to get Dr. Sutkin’s professional opinion. During a consultation, he’ll be able to provide you with more details about your unique case.

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