How Quickly Will I See Results from Laser Treatment?

Sunnyvale Laser Acne Scar RemovalMany patients who suffer from acne, acne scars, and rosacea have been dealing with these conditions for years. They’ve tried everything in the book – and more – and have finally decided that laser treatment for acne, laser acne scar removal, or BBL light therapy treatment for rosacea is the right solution for them. It’s understandable that they’re anxious to have their skin condition cleared up once and for all. Which is why many Bay Area patients ask Health and Beauty Physician’s Dr. Sutkin, “How long will it take to see my results?”

Laser Acne Treatment and Laser Acne Scar Removal

When it comes to treating acne or acne scars, Dr. Sutkin exclusively uses the Halo laser. This new, advanced solution is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, and it produces amazing results. When you come to Dr. Sutkin to treat acne, or for laser acne scar removal, the first thing he’ll do is evaluate your problem areas and talk to you about your concerns and desired results. He will also offer you his professional opinion and estimate how many treatments you may require. Typically, this means that laser acne treatment and laser acne scar removal patients will need multiple sessions of the Halo laser to get their optimal outcome. Dr. Sutkin often recommends that his acne and acne scar patients also return on a periodic basis for preventative and maintenance treatment to keep their treated skin healthy and glowing. How quickly will you see results from the Halo laser treatment? Unfortunately, since individual results vary, it’s impossible to nail down an exact timeframe.

Clearing Rosacea

Unfortunately, the same is true when it comes to clearing your face from rosacea, although there’s one important distinction you need to understand. Dr. Sutkin doesn’t use rosacea laser treatment on his rosacea patients. Instead, he uses a light therapy called Broadband Light, or BBL for short, which targets the red pigmentation associated with rosacea, letting your natural skin tone shine through. Many people are confused when Dr. Sutkin says he doesn’t offer rosacea laser treatment, but rest assured, Dr. Sutkin – voted one of the top physicians in the United States by the Consumer Research Council of America – is confident that BBL treatment is far superior to rosacea laser treatment. Just like with laser acne treatment and laser acne scar removal, BBL treatment for rosacea often requires multiple treatments to clear up the current outbreak, and then regular sessions to maintain results. And because each case of rosacea is different, we can’t tell you exactly how quickly BBL treatments will clear up your rosacea, though we can tell you Dr. Sutkin finds it much more effective than rosacea laser treatment.

How To Get Better Estimated Results

If you’re looking for a clearer answer on how soon you can see results from laser treatment for acne scars and BBL treatment for rosacea, the best thing you can do is come see Dr. Sutkin. Not only does Dr. Sutkin see patients for acne scar and rosacea treatments, he often sees those who have tried rosacea laser treatment but haven’t achieved results.

During your consultation with Dr. Sutkin, he’ll evaluate your skin, and its condition, listen to your concerns, ask questions to understand your desired outcome and explain realistic results – including the timeframe for those results – based on your unique case.

To schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Sutkin, call our office at (408) 636-7101 today.

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