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Acne can be an embarrassing skin condition not only for teens, but for adults, too. Appearing on your face, back, chest and arms, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do to hide your acne – or the telltale scars it leaves behind years after the pimples have disappeared. If you’re a patient with acne scars on your face or body, they’re probably one of the first things you notice when you look in the mirror – and no amount of makeup or strategic clothing can seem to cover up those scars for good and give you back the confidence you would like to have.

The good news is, with the talent of aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Sutkin of Health and Beauty Physicians, you don’t have to live a life ashamed of the way you look. Dr. Sutkin has several tricks up his sleeve to help patients with different pigmentation colors and different severity of acne scarring.

What Causes Acne and Acne Scarring in the First Place?

There are a lot of old wives’ tales about what causes acne, but the truth is, acne is caused when the oil glands in your skin are clogged with dead skin cells and bacteria. These clogs create an infection in your skin that appears as a red, inflamed bump – a pimple.

Even though acne affects so many millions of Americans every year, not every acne sufferer ends up with embarrassing acne scars. That’s because everyone’s bodies are different, and react to acne differently. You see, collagen is an important protein created by your body. It’s what makes your skin tight, gives it its structure and volume. For some people, as your body heals from the acne infection, the collagen in their skin is damaged, too. This damage results in either the raised or pitted scarring associated with acne scars.

How Can Acne Scarring Be Treated?

Acne sufferers should be comforted in knowing that there are fillers, laser and micro-needling technologies available to treat unique cases of acne scarring. These solutions help patients with even the most difficult cases of acne scarring obtain smoother, more even skin – regardless of their natural pigmentation. When you visit the Bay Area’s Health and Beauty Physicians and speak with Dr. Sutkin, he will evaluate your acne scarring and come up with a personalized treatment plan for you.

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Removing Acne Scarring with the Halo Laser

There are several laser treatments on the market, but Dr. Sutkin prefers the Halo laser because of the unique benefits it offers his patients. A laser treatment that can target those difficult to reach, mid-skin level scars, the Halo laser is able to help patients who were previously difficult to treat or even considered untreatable by other laser types.

The Halo laser helps acne scar sufferers by providing them with a solution that:

  • Is customizable to precisely target their unique skin damage;
  • Provides the added benefit of reducing pore size and increasing facial glow; and
  • Is flexible not only in treatment levels, but also in downtime from the treatment.

Treatment with the Halo laser is gentle and simple. While you will experience some temporary redness after your treatment period, it’ll generally go away in an hour or two. And, you can apply makeup immediately after your treatment with Halo, to hide that redness if you need to return to school, work or your other daily activities after your treatment session.

While each session with the Halo laser stimulates collagen and elastin production and can provide dramatic results, most acne scarring sufferers will benefit from multiple treatments to achieve their best possible results.

Removing Acne Scarring with Micro-Needling

While the Halo laser can provide amazing results for many patients, it’s not for everyone, especially acne scarring sufferers with darker skin tones. For these patients, Dr. Sutkin often turns to micro-needling technology to rid them of the acne scars that can bring up painful memories of the past.

We use medically graded GF to help with collagen synthesis. A handheld micro-needling device targets the pitted or raised scarring left from acne, thus stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin – your body’s natural rejuvenation process. Typically, multiple micro-needling sessions are required for Bay Area patients to achieve their desired results.

Don’t Delay – Say “Goodbye!” to Your Acne Scars Today!

With all the available technologies on the market, there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed to show your face around the city because of acne scarring. If you were an acne sufferer who has been left with scarring on your face, chest, back or arms, don’t let these telltale signs of acne stop you from looking and feeling your best. At Health and Beauty Physicians, we’re all about helping you feel great – both inside and outside.

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