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Time spares no one, and it is especially cruel to our skin. Exposure to the sun is the primary cause of age spots and if you’ve started to notice any of them on your hands, face, arms, chest, or feet then you’ve likely considered your options for removing them.

Age Spots, Brown Spots Laser Removal in Sunnyvale

Well, the good news is that if your newly-discolored patches of skin are actually age spots, then they’re totally harmless. However, Dr. Sutkin always recommends our patients call him immediately when they discover any new strange-colored areas of skin on their bodies. Call Dr. Sutkin today at (408)636-7101.

Now, when it comes to age spots, patients have a few different options to choose from to erase them permanently. Dr. Sutkin is one of the finest and most sought after doctors in the entire country because of his reputation as a precise, caring, and gentle physician. In fact, the Consumer Research Council of America has voted him one of the top physicians in the country. Plus, he’s also the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco.


How to Get Started

Even if you just have questions about age spots, patients should contact us first. Our dedicated staff loves hearing from our potential patients. We spend a good amount of our time answering questions, talking about concerns, and getting our patients ready for their procedures. Give us a call today at (408)636-7101 to find out more.

If you have age spots, and you’re ready to get the clear, smooth, and even-colored skin you deserve, the first step is for you to come into our offices to meet with Dr. Sutkin. This first meeting is crucial, and Dr. Sutkin will talk with you, take notes, and listen to your concerns and your goals for the treatment. After that is when it starts to get exciting. We’ll put together a treatment plan that is tailored to you and will be used by Dr. Sutkin to make sure you get the best possible results. Call us today at (408)636-7101 to get the ball rolling.

What Are Age Spots?

When your skin is exposed to the sun, it instantly reacts by starting to produce something call “melanin.” Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its color, and it also protects your skin from the sun. So when you go outside and get bombarded by UV rays, your skin will produce melanin that shows up in the form of a tan. However, as we age, our melanin production may start to form clumps in our skin–and this is what we call age spots. Patients usually notice that age spots show up on the parts of their skin that get the most sun, namely: the face, arms, hands, chest, back, and feet.

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Treatment for Age Spots

Patients aren’t in any danger from age spots. But while they’re totally harmless, they’re particularly unsightly. Fortunately, there are some fantastic treatment options that will almost instantly reduce age spots.

  • Laser therapy – Perhaps one of the most effective treatments for age spots is laser therapy. Dr. Sutkin uses the Halo Laser by Sciton and our patients have received life-changing results from it. The Halo laser combines two different treatments into one; it speeds up healing, and it also slashes the number of treatments that you might need.*
  • Chemical peels – Another option for our patients is chemical peels. This treatment method removes the top layers of skin so that the younger, newer layers can shine through.

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If you’re tired of seeing age spots on your body, call Dr. Sutkin today at (408)636-7101. Most of our patients can get almost instant results with laser therapy for their age spots. Plus, with laser therapy, the recovery time and the treatment itself is significantly reduced. Call us today to find out more.

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