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BOTOX treatments can help patients reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and other facial features that can prematurely age your face.

The FDA-approved name brand treatment that thousands of men and women rely upon, BOTOX is a targeted and effective solution for moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkles. Applied with expertise by Dr. Sutkin, the treatment offers natural-looking improvement and rejuvenation.


When your skin is young, facial expressions like frowning or lowering your brows make temporary folds and lines that smooth as your expression changes. Over time, the skin loses some of its elasticity, and these lines can become more prominent or permanent.

BOTOX works at the muscular level. It targets the muscles that activate facial lines and wrinkles, relaxing them so that skin can smooth out and these features become significantly less noticeable. As a trained medical expert in facial anatomy, Dr. Sutkin uses careful techniques with the goal of improving lines and wrinkles without limiting the ability to show expression.

BOTOX treatments may be right for you if you:

  • Have moderate-to-severe facial lines and wrinkles (particularly crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines).
  • Are healthy enough for treatment.
  • Have experienced no allergies or side effects related to BOTOX-type medications.

Health & Beauty Physicians can offer a complete medication guide and prescribing information for BOTOX so that you know its risks and benefits.

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Treatment for BOTOX Patients

After you schedule your initial consultation with Health & Beauty Physicians, you’ll come in to meet with Dr. Sutkin and to discuss what you want to accomplish. He will advise you about BOTOX and other aesthetic treatments to achieve your goals. Dr. Sutkin employs a very conservative approach so that patients are neither over- or under-corrected.

BOTOX treatment is a very common and non-invasive procedure:

  • Dr. Sutkin may apply a topical anesthetic so that you stay comfortable through the procedure.
  • He will inject BOTOX into the muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles that you want to target. Each set of crow’s feet may require three injections, while frown lines may take up to five injections on each side.
  • The injection process usually takes about 10 minutes. Some patients may require more time depending on the number of areas Dr. Sutkin addresses.

Most of our BOTOX patients experience a very easy recovery and return to work or normal activities right after treatment. Dr. Sutkin will advise you about activities you should avoid as well as side effects to expect:

  • Typically, bruising is the most common side effect.
  • Some patients may develop headaches during the first two days after treatment.
  • A very small percentage of patients experience eyelid drooping, which should improve within three weeks.

You should notice results from BOTOX treatment within a few days and the maximum benefits within two weeks. Typically, results last up to four months or longer, at which point you can return to our offices for re-treatment.

*Individual results may vary

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Learn more about the benefits BOTOX offers patients and how it can rejuvenate your appearance. Schedule your initial consultation with Health & Beauty Physicians by calling (408) 636-7101 or contacting us online.

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