Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Men Sunnyvale CAMen who notice a decline in sexual desire, weight gain, or a general lack of motivation may actually be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy with pellets for men can restore the testosterone that declines with age, helping revitalize mind and body.

Health & Beauty Physicians uses a specialized, non-invasive approach to hormone replacement therapy. Our technique offers gradual Testosterone release, which is more similar to your body’s natural processes and only requires treatment a few times each year.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets?

Patients often attribute a decrease in energy, fitness, and libido to the aging process. However, “getting older” is not always the source of these symptoms. Low testosterone may be the root cause, and in these cases, treatment may be able to help with these concerns.

Hormone therapy restores testosterone to improve vigor and virility. While there are different forms of hormone therapy, Dr. Sutkin recommends hormone replacement therapy with pellets because of the advantages it offers. Namely:

  • Hormone replacement therapy with pellets uses time-released pellets made of bio-identical materials.
  • The time-release approach introduces hormones in a predictable and even manner, unlike hormone injections, which flush the body with these materials.
  • Since the pellets are internal, there is almost no risk of spreading hormones to someone else (unlike in cream-based therapy.)

As with any treatment, Dr. Sutkin wants patients to understand the process, risks, and benefits of any procedure. He will provide you with an overview of the risks and benefits during a consultation.

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About Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets For Men

Come in for an initial consultation with Dr. Sutkin and the team at Health & Beauty Physicians. During your visit, you will receive a blood test and analysis to establish your current hormone levels. Dr. Sutkin uses this information to create a treatment plan for your needs.

In a follow-up procedure:

  • Dr. Sutkin will apply a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort.
  • He will place hormone pellets beneath the skin around the hip.
  • Your treatment will be over in about fifteen¬†minutes.

Many patients return to work or daily activities immediately after receiving therapy.

Patients of Health & Beauty Physicians report significant improvement after treatment. From an increased interest in sex to higher energy levels to better overall satisfaction, hormone replacement therapy with pellets can benefit patients who aren’t ready to write off these changes to the aging process.

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