Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Women Sunnyvale CAIf you have severe PMS symptoms or concerns related to pre-menopause and menopause, hormone replacement therapy with pellets may be able to help.

Hormone replacement therapy with pellets precisely delivers hormones in the way and in the amount that your body once produced them. Because this approach is nearly identical to your natural processes, the results are more controlled and effective. Our patients report a variety of benefits from treatment, including enhanced libido, decreased body fat, and higher energy levels.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Women?

Patients may already have researched and discounted other types of pharmaceutical hormones, which use synthetic materials and other fillers. Hormone replacement therapy with pellets is different because it employs bio-identical hormones. These plant-based compounds match the structure of human hormones and use a natural plant source of soy and other botanical ingredients.

Also important is the way that hormone therapy for women is administered. Patients receive hormone replacement therapy with pellets treatment only a few times per year rather than the daily basis required in other forms of hormone therapy.

At Health & Beauty Physicians, Dr. Sutkin analyzes your symptoms and your body’s needs, and he uses a controlled-release pellet rather than ongoing injections. With hormone replacement therapy with pellets, patients:

  • Receive the right amount of hormones.
  • Benefit from a proper release schedule.
  • Consistently receive the hormones they require.

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About Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellets for Women

Patients can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sutkin to get started. During your visit, our team will conduct tests to determine your hormone levels, and Dr. Sutkin will evaluate the results to prescribe the right amount of hormones for your needs.

During the pellet insertion procedure:

  • Dr. Sutkin will provide a mild local anesthetic to make treatment painless.
  • He will insert each hormone pellet beneath the skin, usually in the hip area.
  • Treatment will usually conclude within five minutes.

After Dr. Sutkin has placed the pellets, you should receive a consistent, low-dose amount of hormones directly into the blood stream. Side effects are rare but include breast tenderness and the potential for facial hair growth (though no more frequent than in post-menopausal women.)

Patients report a range of improvements, including an increase in sexual desire, a more even emotional state, better mental clarity, and improved energy. Health & Beauty Physicians recommends that patients receive treatment only 2-3 times a year—significantly less often than daily hormone replacement.*

*Individual results may vary

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If you would like to age more gracefully, healthily and beautifully, consider hormone replacement therapy with pellets. Patients can schedule a consultation with Health & Beauty Physicians by calling (408) 636-7101 or contacting us online.

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