Hormone Replacement

Patients rely on Dr. Howard Sutkin and Health & Beauty Physicians for effective and evidence-based care.

Through hormone replacement therapy, we address symptoms that many people attribute to “getting older,” providing you with options for rejuvenating your mental and physical self. From improving energy levels, sexual function, and libido to addressing changes in muscle mass and fat, our practice offers an effective response rather than dissatisfied acceptance.

Dr. Sutkin offers extensive experience in several forms of hormone replacement therapy. He employs established techniques to target your ideal levels and uses advanced therapy solutions that mimic your body’s processes. His prioritization of patient comfort and safety offer you a supportive experience and reliable outcomes.

Procedures for Hormone Replacement Therapy Patients

Health & Beauty Physicians offers…


  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy. Limit or reverse the physical, health, and emotional changes associated with menopause and low estrogen levels.
  • Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women. Learn how time-released hormone replacement therapy more closely mirrors your body’s natural processes.
  • Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men. If you notice a decrease in energy, fitness, and libido as you age, treatment can help with these concerns.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Both men and women can benefit from our care. Proper testosterone levels can improve the sex drive, and in men, they can resolve erectile dysfunction, low energy levels, and other changes.

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About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patients often visit Health & Beauty Physicians well informed about the benefits of hormone replacement. They may even be familiar with some of the options available.

Whether you are just beginning your exploration or have conducted extensive research into hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Sutkin can help you make your decision with confidence.

In your consultation, Dr. Sutkin will take the time to explain the time-released approach that our practice recommends over daily and cream-based therapies. He will also help you understand your current hormone levels, where you should be for your age and health, and how treatment can improve the symptoms you are experiencing.

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Hormone Replacement

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Learn more by scheduling an appointment with Health & Beauty Physicians. Hormone replacement therapy patients can reach our practice at (408) 636-7101 or online.

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